Initial Consultation

During your first visit a full history will be taken on your presenting complaint, questions on your medical and family history will be asked along with lifestyle, occupation, sporting and leisure activities that you do regularly.

A physical examination is always carried out. This involves looking at the body as a whole rather than just the area causing pain and discomfort injury so you will most likely be asked to undress to your underwear.  Observation and palpation (hands-on) of tissues will identify areas of strain, weakness.  You will be asked to carry out a series of simple movements so comfortable, loose clothes and appropriate underwear is requested (a pair of shorts can be worn over your underwear).  The results of all of this will along with a working diagnosis be explained to you along with a proposed treatment and management plan prior to treatment commencing.

Further Consultations:
Some patients only need one appointment whilst others may have a course of treatment or will return periodically.  Treatment is determined according to patients’ progression rather than a prescriptive number of sessions.



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