"I cannot say enough praise for Louise's wonderful skills and excellent professional knowledge. Each time I have been to Natural Osteopathy for treatment, it has been a blessing, and I have felt so much better! Aches and pains disappear like magic. I have come several times for different complaints (foot problems, top back, lower back...) and even just one session seems to sort things out. Louise has wonderful skills and excellent professional knowledge. She has also been ever so helpful with exercises and after care, so you feel very well looked after. I fully recommend Louise as an osteopath."

Annick - Secondary School Teacher


"I do not normally write reviews but I have been so amazed by what Louise has done for me I want to share my experience. Having being on pain killers and anti inflammatory pills prescribed by my doctor for over a year I was highly recommended by a friend to visit Louise who had also treated her with an on-going issue. I was anxious about going for my treatment as I had the impression of Osteopaths cracking bones but I can honestly say that Louise immediately put me at ease as she fixed me without any cracking and was so gentle and caring. After my first treatment I could already feel an improvement and now after only 3 visits I have reached the point that the pain is all but gone and feel like I have got my life back, it really has that much of a difference. I am planning on continuing on a regular basis to keep my chronic condition under control WITHOUT PILLS! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommended Louise and will be spreading her good work to everyone I know. Thanks Louise, you are truly amazing."

Maureen - Retired



"I am a regular competitive tennis player, so when I had a muscle strain in my shoulder that hadn't gone away after two weeks rest I decided (for the first time) to visit an Osteopath for a remedy. And I'm so glad I did, as Louise fixed it in a single visit with the help of a bunch of post treatment exercises for me to do on my own. I would highly recommend Louise for any niggling aches & pains that you cannot shift with rest, and would go back myself in the future without hesitation."

Peter May - Accountant -



"Louise is so good as explaining exactly what she is doing and why it will help my aches and pains. I would recommend her to my friends and family.."

Nicola - Finance



"Brilliant osteopath with great knowledge."

Emma - Insurance Manager


What do my patients say?

(taken from Google + and Facebook reviews)